How to Beat Summer for Your Dog and Keep Them Cool

Dog at the sea shore enjoying the fresh water

Summer brings lots of happiness for your dog for doing fun activities outside. But with the rise in the temperature, dogs tend to suffer in the scorching heat. It is the responsibility of the pet owners to keep the dogs comfortable, safe and cool during summer.

One positive and sure way to know that your dog is suffering and bothered by the heat is through breathing. For us humans, we sweat to cool down, but dogs tend to cool themselves by panting.

In this post, we have prepared a list of some useful tips that will help your pet beat the summer and remain cool.

Ensure that your dog has access to lots of water and has proper shade

It is crucial not to leave our furry friend unaccompanied outside for too long. Even if they are, make sure that there is a right arrangement of shadow and an adequate amount of fresh drinking water. If possible, try adding ice cubes in the water.

Tress can turn out to be the best dog house for shade. It is because trees ensure the proper flow of air. Dog Houses can snare the heat and can make it even poorer. You can plan for a sprog puddle or a sprayer. This will help your pet to calm off in the backyard.

Avoid All Exercises During Hot Days

It is crucial to assess the heat and humidity for the day before you take your pet for outdoor activities, primarily exercises. If you find that it is hot with high humidity, it is best suggested to avoid all outdoor activities for the day.

Even on a normal summer day, you must check the pavement temperature before you take your dog to walk around. It is because asphalt can precisely get very warm in direct sunlight. You can check on your own by touching the ground. If you find it hot, your dog will surely find it hotter.

Make Use of Collar or Vest

Cooling collars and vests are similar to cooling mats. They have specialized kinds of cooling gel inside them that are designed to keep the dog’s body cool for the next few hours. You can also use cooling vests that are mainly designed to eliminate heat from the body of the dog to the environment.

If you pick such a product, you need to douse the same in water and as the water starts evaporation, it will help the dog cool down. Cooling vests have become very popular options for all those taking their dog hiking on warm days.

Always be careful of the signs of overheating

It is important to understand that your dog cannot tell or express that they are not feeling well, unlike humans. Thus, it is crucial to keep an eye on the symptoms that cause heat stroke. Some of the common symptoms of heatstroke are:

  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Heavy panting
  • Trouble in breathing
  • Weakness
  • Agitation
  • Dizziness
  • Dark of red tongue and gums

In case you see or witness any of these symptoms in your pet, please do not wait for them to subdue on their own. React immediately, give adequate water and take it to the nearest pet health center.

Use dog fencing

Whether it is summer or winter, dog fencing has been one of the best ways to ensure that your dog is safe and sound. Installing electric dog fences for large dogs and even for the small ones has been one of the most effective ways to keep them within specific areas of the yard.

The correction levels sent from the fences will make them aware of the boundary they should not cross, irrespective of the time of the year. This will also protect them from falling into the unwanted traps of strangers and many others.

Visit to vet

During summer, you must keep all the shorts up to date. There is a threat of parvovirus during summer, and vaccinations will help in eliminating the threats of such deadly viruses. During summer, as our dogs tend to spend more and more time outside and contact the critters causing rabies, shots or vaccines will also be helpful here. Summer is also a great season for fleas that bring many other diseases. A visit to your vet will help you to take all precautionary measures that will keep your dog fit and fine.

Following all these tips will help you keep your dog healthy and fit during summer and deal with it properly. Please share your own experiences of how you deal with your dog in summer below in the comment section to help other existing or would-be pet owners.

Photo by Elisa Kennemer on Unsplash.