Invisible Fence® Tips and Help

Perhaps you are looking into different ways that you can keep your dog safely within your yard. You have most likely checked prices on erecting a fence, only to discover that it is more costly than you expected. Have you ever heard of an invisible fence?

Although the term invisible fence® refers to a name brand, let’s explore the concept. You may be wondering how something that you cannot see could possibly work to keep your dog safe.

Here is how it works. You bury a wire around the perimeter of your yard, which is used to define where you do not wish for your dog to cross. Next, you plug in a transmitter in a weatherproof location in or around your home. The last thing you do is fit your dog with a special receiver collar that comes with your electronic pet doors kit.

The transmitter emits a radio signal, which communicates with the boundary wire, and in turn with your dog’s collar. When your dog enters what has been defined by the transmitter as the boundary zone, he or she will hear a beep by the collar. This acts as an audible warning, letting your dog know that he is approaching the limits of where he should stop. Should your dog continue to progress forward, visiting the boundary line, he will receive a brief, mild static shock.

You may be concerned that this could harm your dog. Not to worry. To help you understand what it feels like to your dog, run across the carpet in sock feet and then touch a doorknob. A tad startling, but hardly painful, correct? However, your dog will remember it happened, which is how he learns not to keep trying to cross the line.

In the beginning, you will have special training flags sticking out of the ground every few feet to reinforce further where his boundaries are. In general, with a bit of help from you implementing training practices, your dog will learn to stay in the wireless fence for dogs area within a couple of weeks.

Now, back to the name invisible fence®. This term refers to a company that comes to your home and professionally installs an underground dog fence for you. With their company, you can expect to pay big bucks for the whole deal. Think $1,000 or more. Thankfully, there is an alternative.

You can purchase a system that works equally as well as invisible fence®, and simply install it yourself. It isn’t as difficult to install as you may think. It will take you a day or less to install it. Why install an underground fence for yourself? Because you can save yourself about 65% of the cost of what you would spend having an invisible fence® installed for you.

To give you an idea of where to begin, here are some quality electric dog fence manufacturers. Perimeter® electric dog fences are manufactured right here in the United States, so they are a great manufacturer to start with. Other quality dog fences offered come from companies like PetSafe® and SportDOG®.

Your dog will enjoy the way it feels being off the leash and you will appreciate not having to worry about your dog getting away from you.